Updated Interest Rate Information for June

PBGC updates June lump sum interest rate information.

Pension Withholding Optional Adjustment

IRS announes new withholding adjustment option for pension plans designed to avoid shortfalls that might otherwise arise by applying the new tables, but not the Making Work Pay Tax Credit, to pension payments.

Inflation Adjusted Amounts for Health Savings Accounts

IRS announces inflation adjusted amounts for Health Savings Accounts.

Status of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds

Summary of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds 2009 Annual Reports.

Employer Group Letter requesting additional Funding Relief

Large employer group issues a letter to Secretary Geithner requesting additional funding relief including that the regulations not be effective before 2010.

Green Book Explains Administation’s Automatic Enrollment IRA Proposal

The Treasury releases its General Explanation of the Administration’s 2010 Revenue Proposals including an explanation of the Administration’s proposals for automatic enrollment in IRAs and its proposed expansion of the saver’s credit.

Stock and Stock Options Constitute Compensation under RRTA

Compensation, for purposes of the Railroad Retirement Tax Act, includes the value of stock and stock options.

Corporate Bond Weighted Interest Rate

Notice 2009-45 provides guidance as to the corporate bond interest rates.

Article from Treasury & Risk

Interview with Pam Perdue regarding problems with target date funds in retirement plans.

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