An Analysis by Charles Shulman of the SEC’s proposed Enhanced Compensation Disclosure Rules

Charles Shulman, executive compensation and benefits attorney, provides an analysis of the SEC’s proposed rules governing enhanced compensation disclosure requirements.

PBGC Proposed Rule on USERRA

PBGC issues proposed amendments that would make it clear that, for purposes of determining entitlment to benefits on a plan’s termination date, a service member who returns to employment within the time required under USERRA would be treated as having satsifed the reemployment condition as of the termination date even if the reemployment actually occurs after the plan’s termination date.

Treasury’s Fact Sheet on Independent Compensation Committee Legislation

Treasury releases its Fact Sheet on its draft legislation governing the independence of compensation committees.

Treasury’s Fact Sheet on Say-On-Pay Legislation

Treasury issues Fact Sheet on Say-On-Pay Legislation delivered to Congress.

CBO’s Preliminary Assessment of Cost of House Health Care Proposal

The CBO estimates, preliminarily, that the House’s version of healthcare reform would cost the government approximately $1 trillion dollars over the next 10 years.

Listed Transactions

Notice 2009-59 contains list of IRS listed transactions including previously identified Roth IRA listed transaction.

Interest Rates for Valuing August Lump Sums

The PBGC has updated its website to reflect the interest rate to be used for valuing lump sums for the month of August.

PBGC Disaster Relief for parts of Missouri

PBGC 09-17 provides disaster relief and extension for certain filings for affected parties as a result of storms and severe flooding in Missouri.

PBGC Disaster Relief for parts of Oklahoma

PBGC 09-16 provides disaster relief extensions for certain filings for affected parties in Oklahoma.

PBGC Disaster Relief for parts of Alabama

PBGC 09-15 provides disaster relief extensions for certain filings for affected parties in parts of Alabama.

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