Patient’s Bill of Rights Fact Sheet

The agencies with responsibility for the Patient Protection Act set forth provisions of Patient Protection Act providing rights to patients in a Fact Sheet which is also being made available by the DOL.

Interim Final Regulations on Preexisting Conditions

The DOL has now posted to its website interim final regulations prepared by the agencies regarding pre-existing conditions and annual and lifetime limits under the Patient Protection Act.

Extension for Certain Disaster Affected Pre-Approved Plans for EGTRRA

Notice 2010-48 extends to July 30, 2010 the April 30 deadline for restating certain disaster affected pre-approved defined contribution plans.

Interest Rate for Valuing July Lump Sums

The PBGC has announced the interest rate for valuing lump sum payments in July.

Proposed Amendment to PTE 96-23

Proposed Amendment to Prohibited Transaction Exemption 96-23 for plan asset transactions determined by in-house asset managers.

IRS Begins Accepting Applications for Qualifying Therapeutic Project

Small firms may now begin applying for certification for tax credits for grants available under the Qualifying Therapuetic Discovery Project Program, created by the Affordable Care Act.

Table Of Application of Various Healthcare Provisions to Grandfathered Plans

The attached contains a table of various provisions of the Patient Protection Act and their application or not to grandfathered plans.

Regulations Governing Grandfathered Plans

The Federal Register version of the interim final regulations governing grandfathered plan status for purposes of the Patient Protection Act.

Technical Update 10-2

As promised, the PBGC has released Technical Update 10-2 providing relief for those electing to use the alternative premium funding target to calculate the variable rate premium but failing to check the correct box.

FAQ on Grandfathered Status

The agencies have issued a Frequently Asked Questions regarding grandfathered health plan status.

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