Supreme Court Decision In Hobby Lobby Case

Supreme Court decision denying injunctive relief from ACA’s contraceptive mandate to Hobby Lobby companies.

Document Excerpt

Applicants do not satisfy the demanding standard for the extraordinary relief they seek. First, whatever the ultimate merits of the applicants’ claims, their entitlementto relief is not “indisputably clear.” 




For the foregoing reasons, the application for an injunction pending appellate review is denied. 



This Court has not previously addressed similar RFRA or free exercise claims brought by closely held for-profit corporations and their controlling shareholders alleging that the mandatory provision of certain employee benefits substantiallyburdens their exercise of religion. Cf. United States v. Lee, 455 U. S. 252 (1982) (rejecting free exercise claim brought by individual Amish employer who argued that payingSocial Security taxes for his employees interfered with his exercise of religion). Moreover, the applicants correctlyrecognize that lower courts have diverged on whether togrant temporary injunctive relief to similarly situated plaintiffs raising similar claims, Application for InjunctionPending Appellate Review 25–26, and no court has issueda final decision granting permanent relief with respect tosuch claims. Second, while the applicants allege they will face irreparable harm if they are forced to choose betweencomplying with the contraception-coverage requirementand paying significant fines, they cannot show that aninjunction is necessary or appropriate to aid our jurisdiction. 
Even without an injunction pending appeal, the applicants may continue their challenge to the regulations in the lower courts. Following a final judgment, they may,if necessary, file a petition for a writ of certiorari in thisCourt. 

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