Anti-Cutback Relief for Certain ESOP Amendments

Notice 2013-17 provides relief from the anti-cutback provisions for certain ESOP amendments where the ESOP eliminated the distribution option applicable to qualified participants to comply with the diversification requirement of Section 401(a)(35).

Document Excerpt

 This notice provides relief from the anti-cutback requirements of § 411(d)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code for plan amendments that eliminate a distribution option described in § 401(a)(28)(B)(ii)(I) from an employee stock ownership plan, as defined in § 4975(e)(7) (ESOP), that becomes subject to the diversification requirements of § 401(a)(35), which apply to certain defined contribution plans that hold (or are treated as holding) publicly traded employer securities. This notice addresses circumstances in which an ESOP that satisfied the diversification requirements of § 401(a)(28)(B)(i) by allowing distribution of a portion of a participant’s account has become subject to the diversification requirements of § 401(a)(35). As a result of becoming subject to § 401(a)(35)(E), § 401(a)(28)(B) no longer applies and such an ESOP is no longer able to make distributions that (in the absence of the applicability of § 401(a)(28)(B)(i)) would be impermissible under other rules restricting the distribution of plan benefits before termination of employment or the occurrence of certain other events. Thus, under current rules for such plans, some in-service distribution options used to satisfy the diversification requirements under § 401(a)(28)(B) are no longer permissible.


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