Provider Fee Regulations

The IRS has issued new superseding final regulations governing the provider fee imposed under the Affordable Care Act providing a definition of covered provider. Document Excerpt SUMMARY: This document contains final regulations that provide rules for the efinition of a covered entity for purposes of the fee imposed by section 9010 of the Patient Protection […]

Supreme Court Rules Retiree Health Benefits Not Vested for Life

The Court found, in a unanimous opinion, that the retiree health benefits ended when the collective bargaining agreement ended. Document Excerpt In this case, the Sixth Circuit held that the same Yard-Man inferences it once used to presume lifetime vesting can now be used to render a collective-bargaining agreement ambiguous as a matter of law, […]

Agencies Proposed Regulations On Short-Term, Limited Duration Insurance

The IRS, EBSA, DOL and HHS release a proposed rule to amend the definition of short-term, limited duration insurance for purposes of the exclusion from the definition of individual health insurance coverage. Document Excerpt This rule contains proposals amending the definition of short-term, limited duration insurance for purposes of its exclusion from the definition of […]

DOL Report on Private Plans

EBSA issues its Private Pension Plan Bulletin abstract of 2015 culled from 5500 reports. Document Excerpt Number of Pension Plans and Participants6 􀁸 The total number of pension plans grew again in 2015 to approximately 694,000 plans, a 1.3 percent increase over 2014. The number of DC plans grew by 1.2 percent. Despite the long-term […]

Proposed Regulations to Eliminate Regulations

Pursuant to the President’s Executive Order asking that agencies get rid of unnecessary or burdensome regulations, the IRS has issued proposed regulations to eliminate certain regulations including those dealing with special rules for owner employee plans, some of the deduction regulations where the rules are covered elsewhere and others. Document Excerpt SUMMARY: Pursuant to the […]

Notice of Modified Systems of Records

PBGC releases proposed rules on changes to the system of records notices to: amend a general routine use, rescind a duplicative system, establish a new system of records for collection of data from the agency website and other proposed changes. Document Excerpt Pursuant to the Privacy Act of 1974, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) […]

IRS FAQs on Information Reporting by Health Coverage Providers

The IRS releases Frequently Asked Questions on information reporting under Section 6055. Document Excerpt Information reporting under section 6055 is required for health coverage providers. More information is available on the information reporting for providers of minimum essential coverage page. Link

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